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Edna Bullock: Through a Dancer's Eye
Monterey Museum of Art
December 6, 2018 – March 10, 2019

Docent Walk-Through: December 5, 2018

In conjunction with the Edna Bullock exhibit at the Museum, Edna's two daughters will lead a docent walk-through of the show the day before it opens to the public. They will share stories about their mother's life and work as well as what it was like to grow up in the Bullock family. They will also relate anecdotes about specific images in the show – the back stories that help viewers make deeper connections with the work.

Barbara Bullock-Wilson is Edna's older daughter. During the last ten years of her mother's life, she served as Edna's assistant, accompanying her on photo expeditions; providing support for such activities as lectures, workshops, and exhibitions; participating in interviews about Bullock photography; writing and editing articles for various publications; and helping with correspondence and schedules. Barbara was the author and editor of Edna's Nudes, the one and only monograph of her mother's work. Published by Capra Press in 1995, it served as the catalog for a major exhibition of Edna's figure work for which Barbara arranged a tour that took them to nine different venues across the country from California to Vermont and Washington to Florida. Barbara also curated Edna's Portraits, the last solo exhibition of Edna's work to be mounted before she died.

Eight years younger than Barbara, Lynne Harrington-Bullock was living with her mother when Edna first took up photography at age 61, and she was there to witness the budding of Edna's new career. It was while attending a class with her mother on the history of photography that Lynne met her future husband Gil Harrington, and it was Gil who introduced both of them to the adventures of flea marketing. Over the next few years, Edna routinely accompanied Gil and Lynne to the markets. While they pursued interesting bargains, Edna did treasure hunting with her camera and produced a wonderful series of images, several of which are in the show.

Barbara and Lynne are the sole members of Bullock Family Photography LLC, the entity they created to hold the copyrights to the work of both Wynn and Edna. With the encouragement and cooperation of Lynne, Barbara serves as the manager of the LLC and conducts the business of the family's photographic estate. Both sisters have a deep love for their parents' artistic legacies and take great pleasure in sharing Bullock photography with othe

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